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lunar phases

Proudman Oceanographic Laboratory on tides - the explanations are really clear. 

UKHO EasyTide predictions 

The Yachtsman's Manual of Tides: The Theory and Practice of Navigating Tidal Waters  - the best book for yachtsmen

CD = Chart Datum
LAT = Lowest Astronomical Tide
HAT = Highest Astronomical Tide
MHWS = Mean High Water Springs
MLWS = Mean Low Water Springs
MHWN = Mean High Water Neaps
MLWN = Mean Low Water Neaps
Tide Range = High Water ht Low Water ht
MHWS MLWS = Mean Spring Range
MHWN MLWN = Mean Neap Range
Depth = Charted Depth + Height of Tide                    OR                       Height of Tide Drying Height

For more on Vertical Clearances see here  Moire light and HAT Vertical clearances 

posted 5th May 2011