Skysail Training


Booklist and Instruments
Day Skipper / Coastal Skipper Yachtmaster

Quick reference skills charts - my own offering!  Skysail Skills Charts             RYA Books

RYA Day Skipper Shorebased Course Book DSN 10.50 –  you have this.  Essential but not comprehensive.

RNLI has a good web site for training at RNLI Training.  A self teach CD-ROM (free with the RNLI Sea Safety Book, see RNLI sea and beach safety The Complete Guide (Freefone 0800 328 0600)  is also available. Covers Safety, Collision Regs, First Aid, Weather, Tides, Emergencies, Engine Checks.  This has very good coverage of essential topics, and is a superb learning aid with quizzes to test your knowledge.  Other free leaflets available.

RYA Day Skipper Practical Course Notes  DSPCN 

RYA Yachtmaster Shorebased Course Book  YSN

Admiralty Chart NP 5011 – Chart Symbols Handbook   Very useful  on and after the course, but you can use summaries from almanacs.

Reed’s Skipper’s Handbook - Malcolm Pearson.  7.99  (Thomas Reed publications, ISBN  0-901-281-92-1). Comprehensive 'quick reference' guide up to Yachtmaster level. Better than the RYA YM notes.  7.95. Highly recommended.

RYA Navigation Handbook  RYA Code: G6   Author: Tim Bartlett  16.99 Very good textbook, covers it all from beginner to Yachtmaster.

RYA Navigation Exercises  RYA Code: G7  Author: Chris Slade
This has exercises with complete answers on most of the subjects we cover.

RYA Cruising Logbook G15   - for recording your practical experience and sea miles and keeping certificates.

RYA - International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea RYA code G2  . Tim Bartlett.  Good explanation of Collision Regs, full text, with examples.

A Seaman’s Guide to the Rule of the Road –  Collision Regs, with ‘programmed learning’ and tests, as used by RN and Merchant Navy.  10.50   (Morgan Technical Books, ISBN 0-948-254-009).  Can be found 2nd hand for @ 5 - 7.  Best for Yachtmaster course.

Second Hand
Navigation for Yachtsmen
– Mary Blewitt (Iliffe) – more navigation wisdom in 118 pages than any other book.  Rather dated (pre GPS) but very useful in its approach.  1 - 5 from, bibliofind at

There are many other learning aids such as flipcards for marks and lights, collision regs, handbooks, etc.  Can be very useful while learning, some use after the course for educating your crew!

Navigation Plotters and Dividers:           

Some people find the small detail on charts difficult - don't hesitate, use a magnifying glass.  Or get your eyesight checked....

Portland Plotter (Blundell Harling) @ 13.00.    Do not buy parallel rules.

7in or 8in single handed brass dividers  @ 14.00.  Get the quality type with one piece legs and a screw on the hinge.

2B Pencils – can be erased without destroying the chart. Pencil sharpener!

Staedtler Mars eraser – plastic type.

A small calculator is useful.


Updated 15th October 2011